Nahjul Balagha English PDF

Nahjul Balagha English PDF

In the name of Allah the Most Gracious and Most Merciful,

nahjul balagha english pdfThe question regarding the Nahjul Balagha and its authenticity has been one that has echoed across the centuries; for it is a book that was compiled in the year 400 AH that does not include chains of narrators or sources. This reality is what caused problems for those that held onto this book. The Shias remained in a state of confusion until contemporary times where Al-Sayyed Abdul-Zahra’ Al-Khateeb wrote his Masadir Nahjul Balagha wa Asaneeduhu (The Sources and Chains of Nahjul Balagha) and gathered the evidences to create a foundation for Nahjul Balagha, one that would stand against the objections of doubters. The Shias were pleased with his conclusions and none of them raised a pen in criticism of his work. It is with this that we found it as an obligation for us to serve the Commander of the Faithful – may Allah be pleased with him – , for the lies that have been attributed to him have truly grown in number. We studied the chains and the sources that Al-Sayyed Abdul-Zahra’ provided using the methodology of the Shia hadith criticism and we have provided the gradings based upon their criteria. Those interested in the details of that study can refer to our website.

In order to further compliment our research, we decided to compile whatever remained from the original work as a separate piece in a PDF format. This compilation focuses solely on providing the authentic sections of the sermons, letters, and sayings, without the additions of Al-Shareef Al-Radhi. To be clear, all weak and unreliable sermons, letters, and sayings, were discarded from this authentic compilation. We would sometimes point out key differences in the text from what we have found in the original sources, so whoever wishes to rely on the most accurate wordings should return to the sources that we have referred to in the footnotes.

Saheeh Nahjul Balagha English PDF

صحيح نهج البلاغة – باللغة العربية




  1. AsSalaamo 3alaikom wa ra7mat Allaahi wa barakaatuhu.
    I am so happy to now be the owner of Saheeh Nahjul Balaagha. I’ve been hearing about it from my shia friends my whole life.
    Are we as sunnis to regard these wasaaya, khutab and sayings as reliable? They are authentic according to shia standards.

    Jazaakum Allaahu 5airan. May Allaah swt raise you to the highest of stations for having come in the defense of sayyidina Ali karrama Allaahu wajhah.

    • Wa alaykum alsalam wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh,

      I am glad you are enjoying the PDF Wasim. Nahjul Balagha is not authentic according to Sunni standards, however, I have come across some words and lines here are there that ARE actually authentic. Of course, the number of these are very few.

      Thank you for the kind words. Barak Allah feek.

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