Letters 31-60

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Letters 31 The letter can be found in Al-Kulayni’s Rasa’il (via Ibn Tawus’ Kashf Al-Mahajjah p. 159). However, the chain contains a disconnection and includes “Abu Ja’afar bin Anbasa”, who is actually Ja’afar bin Anbasa, […]


Letters 1-30

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Letters 1 The letter can be found in Al-Amali by Al-Tusi 2/359 and Al-Jamal p. 131 by Al-Mufeed. Ibn Abi Al-Hadeed in his commentary on Nahjul Balagha 3/291 also quotes it from the narration of […]


Sermons 161-239

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Sermon 161 There are no Shia sources for this sermon that predate Nahj Al-Balagha. Verdict: Not authentic. Sermon 162 The sermon can be found in Al-Mufeed’s Al-Jamal p.100, however, he is quoting Ibn Da’ab, who […]


Sermons 81-160

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Sermon 81 One-fourth of the sermon can be found in Ibn Shu’bah’s Tuhaf Al-Uqool p. 146 and that is the only source that contains the sermon in a Shia source that predates Nahjul Balagha. Verdict: […]


Sermons 1-80

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Sermon 1 The earliest source for the sermon is the fourth century scholar Ibn Shu’ba who included much of the sermon in his Tuhaf Al-Uqool. The sermon does not include a chain and cannot be […]


Ali and Al-Ash’ath bin Qais

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It is a common misconception by Shias that the Imams were perfect judges of character. We find in Nahjul Balagha (#244) itself, in Ali bin Abi Talib’s letter to Al-Ash’ath bin Qais, evidence that he […]