The following articles focus on selected content that we have handpicked for readers to get an in-depth view and understanding of the origins of Shiasm and the personality of Ali bin Abi Talib in specific:



What makes Ali the most Deserving of the Caliphate?

Ahlulbayt are Never Hidden

Definition of Ahlulbayt

Ali refutes his Imamate

Ali did not want the Caliphate

Ali Legitimizes Fallible Imams

What did the Prophet Leave Behind? 


Knowledge and Infallibility of Imams

Fallibility of Al-Hasan 

Ali has No Access to Angels 

Knowledge of Ghayb

Fallibility of Ali

The Betrayals of Ali’s Representatives



The Advisor of Omar bin Al-Khattab

Ali’s Knowledge

Bravery of Ali bin Abi Talib (vs Bravery of Omar)?

Holding onto the Sunnah: Ali vs Omar

Omission of Al-Shareef Al-Radhi’s Commentary in Praise of Omar

Praise for the Muhajireen and Ansar

Companions of the Prophet vs Companions of Ali 

Ali protects Uthman

Mu’awiyah’s Army

The Companions of Ali bin Abi Talib



The Throne of Allah

Five Prayers Not Three


Matam and Azdari

Poetry and Eloquence of Ali 

Ali’s Attitude towards Women